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Library guided tours

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Library tours

The Jagiellonian Library offers free guided tours of its premises by appointment.

The offer is addressed to organized groups of librarians, library science students, high school students, as well as other individuals who would like to see the old and new wings of the Jagiellonian Library from the inside.

The tour includes:

1. Presentation of the history of the Jagiellonian Library and its building.

2. Tour of the first level of the Library:

  • walking around the reading rooms and getting acquainted with their functions (the Reference Reading Room, the Audiovisual Documents Reading Room, the Main Reading Room (Lectorium), the Austrian Library)
  • presentation of the Telelift System, the Library’s modern solution for conveying books
  • inside glimpse into the making of the Jagiellonian Digital Library (JBC): outline of technical aspects of digitization, presentation of most interesting digital documents available in the JBC)
  • showing the Library’s card catalogues, their scope and form
  • presentation of the JU Libraries Online Catalogue

3. Those interested can also visit the Paper Clinic* to be introduced to the process of deacidifying collections. It is worth noting that a mass deacidification system fit also for processing bound volumes is used only in two libraries in Poland: the National Library and the Jagiellonian Library.
*Availability of visiting the Paper Clinic depends on the size of the group and the Library's work schedule – it must be arranged in advance.

Duration of the tour: 1.5 hours, possible dates: Mon.–Fri., 8.30 am –2.00 pm

Bookings should be made with Ms. Barbara Goryjewska-Kita by phone: 12 663 3555 or e-mail: