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Register of Manuscripts

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Register of Manuscripts acquired in 1945–1990 and 1999–2023

The Content of the descriptions and index are available only in Polish.

1. Index

The index uses a system of personal and local names according to the Polish alphabet. Clergy and military are marked with additional information in round brackets. Persons known under pseudonyms or using compound surnames are entered under surnames considered commonly known. The names of the institutions and the titles of newspapers appear after the name of the city in which they are based.
After personal and local names, numbers referring to the number of the archival unit (i.e. the accession reference number) are given.

2. Descriptions of manuscripts

The Register of Manuscripts contains the descriptions of accession units (acquisitions) from the Manuscript Section of the JL for the years 1945–1990 and 1999–2023. Descriptions for the years 1991–1998 are available in the Manuscript Reading Room of the JL both in the form of a card catalogue and files available on the computer.
Descriptions of the archives include: specification of their recording form (e.g. manuscript, typescript), names and dates of creation of documents.
In the correspondence volumes the names are listed in alphabetical order. At the end of the description, there is information about the provenance of the archives, i.e. the method of their acquisition (e.g. purchase, gift, deposit). Information from outside the document is shown in square brackets.