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Bibliographic information

This service is provided directly on site in the Reference Reading Room, by e-mail, address:, or by phone: Digital Collections Department – Reference Services Section 
Scope of the service:
  • advice on constructing information search strategies
  • assistance in using information sources (traditional and electronic) – provided directly on site in the Reference Reading Room
  • providing prompt bibliographic information
  • verification and complementation of bibliographic data (e.g. missing data on page range of an article / article author / article title / journal title, book title / book author / year of publication) on the basis of resources available in the Library

Factual information

This service consists in retrieving factual data not requiring in-depth research from the resources available in the Library and is provided:

Performing of queries

This service involves in-depth research within printed and electronic collections available in the Library, in particular:
  • extensive factual and bibliographic information
  • broader bibliographic thematic breakdowns in humanities and social sciences
Rules applicable in requesting queries:
  • A request should be submitted  in writing:

for queries related to special collections – to the appropriate section of the Special Collection Department

other collections – to the Digital Collections Department – Reference Services Section

  • The request must be signed with the full name; anonymous requests or requests signed with a first name only will not be processed.
  • The Library may refuse to perform queries that are extremely labour intensive or involve external resources. In such a case, the librarian will refer the Patron to relevant sources of information.
  • Requests are fulfilled in the order of their receipt.
  • The Library does not prepare lists of literature references for high school final exams, bachelor's, master's, doctoral, and habilitation theses.
  • The Library does not perform genealogical queries.
  • In the case of particularly time-consuming and labour-intensive queries, a fee is charged, of which the Patron will be notified in advance. 
  • The fee depends on the time taken in performing the query and is charged even if the query returned null results. For details, see the Price List for Services of the Jagiellonian Library.