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"From Oleandry to Independence" - exhibition

Data: 01.08.2014 - 30.09.2014
Miejsce: Jagiellonian Library
Organizator: Foundation - Center for Research and Documentation of Polish Struggles for Independence (CDCN Foundation), Jagiellonian Library, Civic Committee for Oleandry
"From Oleandry to Independence" - exhibition

On several boards, you can see photographs and reproductions of postcards and posters from the collection of CDCN Foundation and the National Digital Archive from a hundred years ago.

You can read the history and contemporary of Oleandry, the history of the Supreme National Committee, Treasure of Polish Legions, interwar celebrations that took place at Oleandry and a post-war sad fate of this place. From the Mickiewicz Avenue on the wall of building of Jagiellonian Library you can enjoy a 15 meters tall portrait of the Commander Pilsudski.