"Semiografia" - meeting with Monika Aleksandrowicz

Termin: 09.12.2015
Miejsce: Jagiellonian Library, Kraków Oleandry 3 Street, conference room, 5 p.m.
Organizator: Jagiellonian Library

On the 9th of December 2015 at 5 p.m. takes place in Jagiellonian Library conference room meeting with Monika Aleksandrowicz, an author of  literary publication "Semiografia", to which we cordially invite.

The book of Monika Aleksandrowicz "SEMIOGRAFIA", constructed on the basis of golden proportions and Phi number is a bow in direction to a tradition of book design, in general.

Graphical record of special signs, used in project  utterly diverge from formal assumptions for creating content and sense. Object alias graphical sign, going into relation with other signs, becoming a new sign - changes its form. Multiplication of this process changes its initial shape, and in relation with others, is being defined anew. "I have been concerned with book projecting for 10 years. None of accomplished hitherto positions was so complicated and technologically utopian" – says Monika Aleksandrowicz.

The book demands holistic thinking. Every tiny alteration results in other changes. Very significant was initial assumption. Subversively I applied classic, mathematical means to achieve non-conventional solutions. Phi number using to calculate proportions – known from ancient times and used in many domains  such as architecture or design, enabled to build intentional form of book. Rules of this game are familiar to recipient only after  implementig of instruction placed in the book.  Going according to the hins, recipient bends respective pages of the book alongside lines and having impact on its shape – creates a book which becomes a quite new object. Horizontal mirror image creates specific net, which is simultaneously a template, according which have been built geometric figures – referring  with their shapes to the impossible figures.

Highest precision of execution was indispensable. It have been used french binding, conducted without glueing the cover to spine of book. It enables full-pages-opening and more exact book "reading ". Reader going into relation with it can feel like a child, discovering dependencies and rules which are in charge. Suplement  containing 14 independent projects of visual poetry complement this book. Size of the book 300 x 185,41 mm.

MONIKA ALEKSANDROWICZ - painter, graphic designer and interdisciplinary creator, realizing  esthetic and philosophical demeanor harking back to Wrocław conceptualism and minimalism line. Designer for art  publishers (e.g.: Stanisław Dróżdż "początekoniec", Natalia LL "Opera Omnia", "Bruno Schulz – Klisza Werk –Transgresiones"). Her artistic output includes over 50 collective exhibitions, symposiums dedicated conceptual art,  and individual expositions, organized and presented in homeland and abroad. She has been connected with Wrocław group :"Kontynuacja i Sprzeciw" and artistic group "7+". Characteristic feature of her creativity is raising a topic which  push the boundaries of art work's legibility and their interpretational openness chiefly balancing on the verge of absurdity. To the most meaningful works of her,  we should classify: "Open book " instalation 2010, "35 poems about transformation or alter ego of author in subsections" 2009, "Everything for sale" 2011.

Publication can be obtained for free by mail-order, after discharging only shipment dues: www.artebuena.comwww.artebuena.eu

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