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Users with special needs

Users with special needs

Accessibility of the Library for patrons with physical or mobility disabilities

The new wing of the Jagiellonian Library includes a number of architectural features designed for disabled people

  • In front of the new wing on the Oleandry St., there is a dedicated parking space for patrons with disabilities
  • Access to the building using steps or a ramp
  • There are no protruding thresholds in the entrances for patrons
  • There are lifts and platforms installed throughout the building
  • There are properly adapted toilets on each level

Persons with disabilities, like all patrons, must have a valid library card/activated student ID.

If you need help, turn to the security guard on duty on the zero level.

Services for the visually impaired

In order to increase the comfort of work, people with visual disabilities can use an individual work room in the Research Reading Room (New Wing, level 1, Room no. 1117). The librarian on duty in the Research Reading Room provides all necessary information as well as issues the key and books delivered from the stacks room.

This is free of charge and requires no prior reservation.

Patrons can use a computer equipped with a Zoomtext keyboard, a scanner, and dedicated software:

ZoomText Magnifier/Reader

  • allows you to smoothly magnify the image from 1 to 36x and enhance details on the computer screen through customizing the background and font colours, contrast, and brightness.


  • facilitates usage of a Windows‑run computer. A visually impaired person uses a keyboard to operate the system and programs, while all notifications and texts are read out by a speech synthesizer.

ABBY FineReader 14

  • allows you to recognize all kinds of paper documents, image files and pdf files and convert them to a wide range of editable formats, including Microsoft Office.

Go to the Akademicka Biblioteka Cyfrowa

The collection, created by IT specialists from the Jagiellonian University Disability Support Service, comprises over 12,000 items from various fields of knowledge adapted for persons with visual impairment, downloadable mainly in text form. It is the outcome of the project "Edukacja, niepełnosprawność, informacja, technologia – likwidowanie barier w dostępie osób niepełnosprawnych do edukacji", co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund under the Human Capital Operational Programme.

Jagiellonian University Repository

JU Repository offers publications adapted for the visually impaired, tactile graphics, and lectures adapted to be accessed by users with disabilities.

Link to the collection of materials for people with special needs (Repository of the Jagiellonian University)

Home page of Jagiellonian University Accessibility Centre