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Interlibrary Loan

Interlibrary Loan

Old Building, 2nd floor, Rm. 127
Telephone:  12 663 3579

Contact: Anna Tomaszkiewicz


NOTE: Changed circulation rules

The functioning of the Jagiellonian Library in the present mode.


General information

Jagiellonian Library allows patrons to access material held at other libraries for academic purposes via Interlibrary loan (ILL) service.
Materials that DO NOT circulate (cannot be borrowed) via ILL include:

  • archival copies, rare and otherwise protected works
  • works from reference collections
  • newspapers and other periodicals
  • currently used textbooks
  • works published in Poland prior to 1950 (inclusive)
  • foreign works published prior to 1950
  • dictionaries, encyclopedias, general reference books, how-to guides, tourist guidebooks, school textbooks
  • Polonica
  • picture albums, miniature-sized publications, publications with loose-leaf plates, tables, charts, maps, etc.
  • audiovisual materials, materials in electronic format
  • damaged works in need of conservation


Charges for international interlibrary loan of books ordered:

  • from Poland - free of charge
  • from European countries (except Great Britain): 55 zl
  • from Great Britain: 90 zl
  • from USA, Australia, and other countries: 70 zl

Charges for photocopies from libraries outside Poland:

  • 1-20 pages: 32 zl (equivalent of 1 voucher)
  • more than 20 pages: according to the invoice received by the Jagiellonian Library

These are flat-rate charges, an equivalent of average lending charges (payments requested by the library supplying the book), and return shipping charges. The Jagiellonian Library pays the supplying library for lending the required book with a special payment method, an IFLA voucher worth EUR 8.
Domestic interlibrary loans are free of charge.

Information for Jagiellonian Library patrons

Categories of patrons eligible to use the ILL Service:

  • faculty, staff, and students of Jagiellonian University
  • patrons employed in Krakow academic institutions that do not offer their own ILL services
  • researchers currently not affiliated with any academic institution, provided they are registered for permanent residency in Krakow

All of the abovementioned categories of patrons can use the ILL Service of the Jagiellonian Library provided that they have a valid library card of the Jagiellonian Library.

ILL accepts requests for:

1. domestic loans (from Polish libraries) if the item is not held by any library in Krakow
2. international loans (from libraries outside Poland) if the item is not held by any library in Poland

  • In order to submit an ILL request, it is necessary to fill out the request forms obtained from the ILL as accurately as possible, providing all the essential information (for books: author, title, place, and year of publication; for journal articles: author's name and pagination; for series: series number and volume).
  • Patron can submit up to 4 ILL requests at one time.
  • When the requested book arrives at the Jagiellonian Library, the patron is notified by phone or e-mail.
  • Printed materials obtained through the ILL service are for use in-house only in the Researchers' Reading Room (New Building, 2nd floor, Rm. 1117); microfilms and microfiches are for use in the Audiovisual Reading Room (New Building, 2nd floor, Rm. 1126 left). Materials are available within the timeframe indicated in the notification.
  • Patrons who would like to renew material borrowed via ILL are asked to contact the Jagiellonian Library ILL.
  • Failure to pick up materials obtained through the ILL service without valid extenuating circumstances will result in suspension of the ILL borrowing privileges.
  • Patrons submitting requests for international loans (from libraries outside Poland) pay a flat-rate charge, which covers in part the postal costs incurred by the Library. These patrons sign a declaration, in which they assume an obligation to cover the costs incurred by the Jagiellonian Library to satisfy their ILL requests.

Information for libraries in Poland and outside Poland

Polish libraries and institutions participating in the interlibrary loan system from the Jagiellonian Library resources include:

  • main libraries of public universities and colleges
  • libraries of The Polish Academy of Sciences
  • province, municipal, and county public libraries
  • pedagogic libraries
  • libraries of federal government and public administration

Libraries become entitled to borrow from the Jagiellonian Library resources after completing and signing the declaration (available on the Jagiellonian Library website). The form should be renewed yearly.
Requests should be submitted through ILL request forms or via mail (one e-mail is an equivalent of one ILL request form).
Domestic interlibrary loans (to libraries in Poland) are free of charge.
As part of its ILL services, the Jagiellonian Library also makes materials available to large academic libraries outside Poland that participate in the international ILL system.
The requesting library is fully responsible for the materials obtained via ILL. Materials obtained via ILL may be used only in the reading rooms of the requesting library. Libraries outside Poland submit ILL requests through IFLA request forms or by e-mail.


  • European libraries: 1 volume – 1 IFLA voucher
  • libraries outside Europe: 1 volume – 2 IFLA vouchers
  • photocopy of materials from the Jagiellonian Library resources for libraries outside Poland: 1–20 pages – 1 IFLA voucher

Declaration to participate in the Jagiellonian Library ILL service (for borrowing libraries): download the form