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Congress of Academic Culture

Date: 20.03.2014 - 22.03.2014
Organiser: JU Institute of Sociology
Congress of Academic Culture

The year 2014 was proclaimed the Year of the Great Jubilee of the Jagiellonian University by the Polish Senate.

The year 2014 was proclaimed the Year of the Great Jubilee of the Jagiellonian University by the Polish Senate. As the oldest higher education institution in Poland, with many-centuries-old tradition of striving for knowledge and truth, the Jagiellonian University feels responsible for the quality of education of the coming generations. This is why its academic community is organising the Congress of Academic Culture, the motto of which is: "The Idea of University: Reactivation".

Prof. dr hab. Piotr Sztompka is the initiator of the Congress and the head of its Programme Committee, which also consists of Prof. dr hab. Andrzej Zoll, Prof. dr hab. Jan Woleński, Prof. dr hab. Ryszard Nycz, Prof. dr hab. Karol Musioł, and Prof. dr hab. Maria-Jolanta Flis. Its participants will include a number of distinguished scholars from various Polish higher education institutions.

The Congress of Academic Culture will especially focus on the following issues:

  • the idea of university today: an institution of research and education (Humboldt's "research university" model) or just a school at a higher education level,
  • cultural role of university in a wider social context (including the role of student culture),
  • the academic (professor's) ethos today. The idea of "best practices" in research and education,
  • cosmopolitism and patriotism of academic community: are these values contradictory or complementary in the age of globalisation?,
  • what are the reasons behind the decline in the authority of academia and the social trust in academia and science?

The detailed programme of the Congress as well as some important voices that may be a good introduction into the planned debate are available at:  The organisers believe that the exchange of views and ideas about the above mentioned issues will bring about wise solutions for the Polish academic community.

According to Professor Piotr Sztompka, "(...) the Jagiellonian University feels that it is its duty to start a serious debate on the most important problems, dilemmas and challenges faced by the Polish university as an institution in the second decade of the 21st century. Kraków should send a strong message on the role that the great European academic tradition should play in our times."