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"Hrabal. Słodka apokalipsa" - meeting with Aleksander Kaczorowski

Date: 19.02.2016
Place: Jagiellonian Library, Kraków, Oleandry 3 Street, conference room, 5 p.m.
Organiser: Jagiellonian Library, Czarne Publishing House
"Hrabal. Słodka apokalipsa" - meeting with Aleksander Kaczorowski

Jagiellonian Library and Czarne Publishing House invite to meeting with Aleksander Kaczorowski, author of a book „Hrabal. Słodka apokalipsa". Meeting will be hosted by Szymon Kloska. This event will be the opportunity to buy the book and gain autor's autograph.


Bohumil Hrabal (born 28th of March 1914 in Brno, dep. 3rd of January 1997 in Prague). Outstanding Czech prose writer, word-master admiring natural talent, who can rise colloquial speech to a universal story about human being and world. Writer, who went out from the zone of censorship,  alternately cherished and persecuted by communistic authority. Jiři Menzl's scriptwriter, adored by Kundera and Havel. Bar frequent visitor and shy womanizer. Taunter and mellencholiac. Tireless traveler and nature lover. Loner, absorbed in depression after his wife's death, author who died mysteriously and tragically.

In this book, written by Aleksander Kaczorowski - distinguished glorifier of hrabalism, Hrabal comes alive and seduces, motivate us to read once again Closely Watched Trains, I Served the King of England, or Tender barbarian.

Aleksander Kaczorowski (born in 1969) – essayist, author of biography of Bohumil Hrabal: HrabalSłodka apokalipsa (2016) and also Václav Havel Havel. Zemsta bezsilnych (2014), tome of discources  Europa z płaskostopiem (2006), short story Praskie łowy (2007), biographical stories about Bohumil Hrabal: Gra w życie (2004) and essays: Praski elementarz (2001, 2012) i Ballada o kapciach (2012). Connoiseur and translator Czech literature, among others: proses of Bohumil Hrabal, Egon Bondy and Josef Škvorecki. In the past co-founder one of  leading art-zin in late PRL period ("Czyżby Agonia Uczuć?"), chief of  department of journalistic writing  in "Gazeta Wyborcza", deputy editor-in–chief of weeklys- "Newsweek Polska" and  "Forum", editor-in–chief of quarterly published in Prague -  "Aspen Review Central Europe". In 2015  was honored with a title of Ambassador of New Europe  and was nominated to Newsweek Award named after Teresa Torańska.

Reference: Czarne Publishing House

"Aleksander Kaczorowski beautifully transforms  into literature  the life of Bohumil Hrabal, studies carefully this unusual, undefined reality and fantasy conjunction."I think, what I had been reading caused that I became who I am" – said Hrabal. After this reading matter I see clearly, how books written by Hrabal, caused that I became who I am".

Agnieszka Glińska