Conference "Artists of Medica - the Pawlikowski’s circle "

event-date: 17.11.2016 - 19.11.2016
organizer: Polish Studies Faculty of Jagiellonian University, Jagiellonian Library, National Museum in Kraków and Polish Writers’ Association

On 17-19 November 2016 we invite to a conference co-organized by the Faculty of Polish Studies at the Jagiellonian University, Jagiellonian Library, National Museum in Krakow and the Polish Writers’ Association - branch in Krakow.

The conference was conceived as a form of common reflection on interesting and important cultural phenomenon, which is the artistic environment, associated with the Pawlikowskis, centered around the resort of Lviv, Medyka and Kraków. To the conference were invited literary critics, art historians, theatrologists, archivists, researchers of history and art books, representing several academic centers and museums in Poland.

On 18th November at the Jagiellonian Library will be held exhibition of graphic and literary documents collection from the household archive of the Pawlikowski family.
Published Date: 15.12.2016
Published by: Mirosław Kubic