Essential information about the circulation of the Jagiellonian Library collection

Every adult person has a right to use the Library.

In order to use the Library it is necessary to have a valid library card. Readers may register at the Circulation Desk according to the rules mentioned in the Regulamin Udostępniania zbiorów w BJ.

It is always necessary to show the identity card for registration in case of citizens of Poland and other countries of the European Union and passport in case of countries outside European Union.
It is not allowed to use the library card of another person.

The readers who are interested in special collections should present the proper letters of recommendation from their tutors. The Jagiellonian Library collection is lent mainly as reference material on the spot in the reading rooms. Part of the modern collection, less valuable, or with a larger number of copies may be borrowed outside the library. However, not all readers are entitled to it. The regulations specify who, for what period of time, and which categories of prints may be borrowed. Before borrowing any prints it is helpful to read Regulamin in order to avoid refusal slips.

Status "Available" used in the Computer Catalogue of the Jagiellonian University means only that the book is on the shelf in the Jagiellonian Library stack rooms and not that it can be borrowed outside the Library.

The regulations for the circulation of the Jagiellonian Library collection is kept by the librarian in the Reading Rooms and at the Circulation Desk. The text is also on the information board in the Catalogue.