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Trial Access Databases

The trial databases are available from any computer belonging to the Jagiellonian University network without logging in. Readers of the Jagiellonian Library can use them at computer workstations in the Reference Reading Room, the European Reading Room, the Research Reading Room and the Main Reading Room, upon presentation of a valid library card.

In case of any problems with access to the test databases, please contact Mr. Marek Krośniak 
tel: 12 663-35-03, e-mail:

We would like to hear your opinion about these databases. Any comments regarding, for example, the interface, search possibilities and results, please contact:

Trial accesses to databases and teaching support products provided by the Medical Library of the Jagiellonian University - Collegium Medicum are available on the website of the Medical Library of the Jagiellonian University.


Due to the licensing requirements, it is forbidden to mass download the content of databases (e.g. entire magazine issues) and / or transfer them to unauthorized users, as well as the use of any program to automatically download files.


Bloomsbury Digital Resources is a multidisciplinary platform providing a comprehensive range of scholarly content of various types, including books, journals, critical texts as well as audio and video recordings, across humanities, social sciences, and arts.  

The trial involves 18 individual Bloomsbury databases:

Bloomsbury Applied Visual Arts  
Bloomsbury Architecture Library 
Fairchild Books Interior Design Library   
Bloomsbury Design Library   
Bloomsbury Fashion Central    
Bloomsbury International Encyclopedia of Surrealism   
Bloomsbury Medieval Studies  
Bloomsbury Cultural History  
Bloomsbury History: Theory and Method   
Bloomsbury Philosophy Library   
Theology and Religion Online  
Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies  
Bloomsbury Music and Sound    
Screen Studies    
Drama Online  
The Human Kinetics Library  
Bloomsbury Food Library   
Bloomsbury Collections  

Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron