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The Jagiellonian Library Bulletin

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Widok zawartości stron Widok zawartości stron

The Jagiellonian Library Bulletin

The Jagiellonian Library Bulletin

The Ministry of Science and Higher Education in its regulation from December 12, 2016, maintained the level of 7 points for the journal as well as its position in Part B of the List of Scientific Periodicals.

MEiN points: 20


Vol. 1: 1949 - Special Issue: 2020 – available in  the Jagiellonian Digital Library


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Publication of the special issue of the Jagiellonian Library Bulletin in English is financed under contract No. 673/P-DUN/2019 by the funds of the Minister of Science and Higher Education allocated for disseminating scholarly achievements.

Dates of implementation of the task: 06/03/2019 - 31/08/2020

Ministry of Science and Higher Education



“The Jagiellonian Library Bulletin” publishes original scholarly articles on issues related generally to librarianship, in particular presenting comprehensive library collections, primarily those from the Jagiellonian Library. We prefer topics concerning various library services and activities, as OPACs, collection preservation and analyses of results of patron surveys. Always welcome are biographical items as well as edited written sources from any period of history, personal correspondence, and historical essays, particularly those based on manuscripts from the Jagiellonian Library. In special cases we can also publish articles dealing with the humanities in a broad sense.

“The Jagiellonian Library Bulletin” was established in 1949 as a mimeographed quarterly of a dozen or so pages, devoted almost exclusively to registering new publications acquired by the Library. It was meant to continue the tradition of “Register of Major Acquisitions” circulated by the Jagiellonian Library, also in a mimeographed form, in the years 1928‑1938.

In 1953 the quarterly, still published in mimeograph but now including also essays and scholarly articles, changed its title to “The Bulletin of Jagiellonian Library in Krakow as well of Libraries, Institutes, Seminars and Departments of Jagiellonian University”; then in 1954 to “The Monthly Bulletin of Jagiellonian Library; and once again in 1955 to “The Monthly Bulletin”. Illustrations appear in the Bulletin since 1956. In 1957 the Bulletin returned to its original title and began to be published in a printed form as a semi-annual. Since 1958, a part of printed copies have been sent to foreign libraries under exchange agreements. In 1960, it became one of the official publications of the Jagiellonian University.

In 1967, the range of the Bulletin’s contributors was significantly expanded, which considerably enriched its research content. The Bulletin obtained a new layout, which is essentialy maintained to this day.

Its subsequent editors-in-chief were: Adam Bar (till 1955), Irena Barowa (since 1955), Ignacy Zarębski (since 1960), Stanisław Grzeszczuk (since 1967), Władysław Serczyk (since 1974), Jan Pirożyński (since 1980), Marian Zwiercan (since 1983), Andrzej Obrębski (since 2003), Zdzisław Pietrzyk (since 1999, since 2018). 

The primary version of the Bulletin is its electronic form.

ISSN 0006-3940

Online ISSN 2450-0410

Editor-in-chief: Remigiusz Sapa

Subject editors:
Krzysztof Zamorski (history)
Zdzisław Pietrzyk (history, bibliology)
Monika Jaglarz (library science)
Lucyna Nowak (codicology)

Language editor:
Joanna Pypłacz (English)
Marek Krośniak (English)
Jacek Partyka (Polish)

Lidiya Snitsarchuk, Stefanyk National Scientific Library, Lviv, Ukraine

Hana Bočková, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

Maria Wichowa, Lodz University, Poland

Prof. Waldemar Kowalski, Jana Kochanowski University, Kielce, Poland

Prof. Roman Maria Zawadzki, Pontifical University of John Paul II, Krakow, Poland

Editoral ethics

Guidelines of preparing texts for submission to the Bulletin

Review form

Editorial contract

Biuletyn Biblioteki Jagiellońskiej
al. Mickiewicza 22, 30-059 Kraków

Assistant editor: mgr Ewa Valde-Nowak
Old Building, 1st floor, room 5
Tel.: +48 12 663 3591